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What is TechFin?

TechFin is the new world of Technological Finance which unifies the forefronts of technology, science, and financial engineering into the paradigm of unity to achieve single, most powerful way of assessing the ever growing and complex world of macroeconomics and structured finance.

Using FPGA massively parallel-pipeline AI-driven matrix computing technology which adaptively learns through advanced scientific and mathematical models encompassing Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED), Special Relativity EnergyMass (E=MC2), Riemannian Manifold Differential Geometry, General Relativity SpaceTime and progressive stochastic and probabilistic engineering. The result is highly accurate, efficient, and predictive analytics which open up structured finance to its very DNA, from which buyers, sellers, and market participants can extract the fundamental answers to make buy-sell pricing decision as opposed to the classical Newtonian framework based Brownian random collision of particles to compute the resultant vectors of ask-bid price, demand-supply……etc.

CPR & CDR Alpha is the pioneer of TechFin, and is changing the very core of financial engineering.

QED VS Black-Scholes(BS) Pricing Model